Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Australia Cake Decorating Network

Yup, not too long ago, I have submitted my work to Australia Cake Decorating Network to participate for the Cake Decorator of Year 2013. Reason being, I am pretty much satisfied with my work lately and wanted to challenge myself with the rest of the cake decorator around the work.

Woo-hoo, guess what!!! I made it into the Top 20 finalists International Category with the rest of the awesome cake decorator. Is another Whoa for me!!! I am seriously overwhelming with all the awards this 2 months... and of course, the more the merrier... :) (Who's not greedy? oops.... )

To be honest, I am thrilled and thankful to be in the top 20 already.... C'mon, with so many cake decorator participating, am I not fortunate enough already??? I am... Yes, I am. And I must thank to all those lovely people out there who loves me and my cake especially! With you people around, cake decorating is fun! :)

Flower Baby Shower Cake is my winning piece!

Flower Baby Shower Cake in the top 20

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