Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am a busy bee in March

Today is my hubby's birthday. Making figurines can be time cosuming and tedious and detailed!!!

And so, since I have to make 2 more other cakes for my beloved sister and niece, so I cut it short by "chopping" off the golfer's leg, as such having him to stick to the grass "pretending he is being stuck" action!!!

Happy Birthday my darling! Love you always!

Hubby's cake

And so, after rushing for hubby's cake, next up - my sis turn! I reckon I always love to challenge myself, figurine is one, and again, drying time is necessary for sugar flowers. And this time, I have to quickly dry all the peonies flowers in a day, and quickly assemble them in a stalk for the following day. I pray for no hipcups, no mistakes, and most importantly no breakage! (yes, no no as I don't have extras to put it back on!!!)

After struggling through, and ta-da.... Yellow Peony Birthday Cake!

Sister's Cake

Last but not least... this time, easy peasy... The Present Box Cake!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

3 Tier Wedding Cake

My very 1st attempt of a 3 Wedding Cake... I have absolutely no clue of how to do a sugar flower rose. And thank you Mr Google and Mr YouTube. They indeed helped me a lot... I hope I have do it justice! Phew!

Ta-da.... presenting a pink affair... to my favourite colour. A 3 tier wedding cake!