Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another award winning cake

Oh well, no words can express how excited I am. Shortly after 2 weeks, Cakes Decor present me another Top 3 award for My Flower Girl cake.

This cake was inspired by a picture I saw on Google. The moment I saw the flower girl dress, I immediately fall in love with it. Inspiration is just something will strike by day by day. And this is it.. so much in love that I have decided to turn it into a cake.

First thing first, making sugar flower is a tiring project, and I have to make 4 different types of flowers for this cake. Rose, sweet pea, hydrangea and filler flowers. Sugar flowers are so fragile and which resulting I have to sort of double up what I am doing cos I know I am a clumsy person when it comes to putting so many flowers together on a cake. Breakage is unavoidable. Nevertheless, I am so proud of what I did and yes, my cake was in the number 1 position. Thanks Cakes Decor for making it happened. And all my fans out there! Love!

My Inspiration from the flower girl dress...

My positing at Cakes Decor

My Award

And behind the scenes of roses waiting to get dust

Sweet Peas

Friday, July 5, 2013

I am obsessed with rrrrruffles.....

I think I am seriously obsessed with ruffles... especially on cakes. Partly I guess I must have been inspired by Maggie Austin. I just obsessed all her work. Detail, precise, sharp and clean cut. Previously I did a wedding cake with the inspiration of one of her cake idea.

Green Cymbidium Ruffles Wedding Cake

Today, I did another engagement cake with a tweak of my own ruffling. This is definitely a much more easy, detail and clean cut way to have it on cakes. I am loving the way how the ruffling turned out on this cake of mine.

Many a times, when we decorate a cake, we tense to go overboard by having non-stop decorations on it. That is why I always remind myself constantly, never do this again. I used to love having lots of different componet on a cake… but sometimes, someday… Less is more, simplicity is beauty…
I seriously love seeing ruffles on cakes, specially on wedding or engagement cakes…

Less is more, simplicity is beauty… :)

Close up of ruffles with silver highlight on the sides