Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Classes with Debbie Brown

Yes, I am been pretty quiet and kind of went MIA. Well, there's always a reason why people went missing, at least for me.

I am back with Sugar to attend Debbie's class. And of course her latest famous Kitten and the other not so new and not so back-dated cake - Princess Castle.

Aha, before you notice it, yes, of course I am loving my litten to be dress in pink, in my favourite pink! :)

Oh, see how adorable these cutie... feels like hugging them huh... noooooo, they are mine!!!

Kitten say HELLO 12.12.12!
The Kitten

The Princess Castle
Yes, and what's next after class, photo-taking session!
with Debbie Brown

Friday, December 7, 2012

Awesome night out with famous Cake Decorators

Look who's in town! Happiness is to have not 1 but 2 awesome cake decorators together....A great dinner with awesome people!

Woo-Wow, Debbie signed on all my books (ahem, corrections: Debbie signed on all her books!!! )

I am such a happy girl!!! (envy me please!!! :))

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Falling in love with Orchids... lately

Anybody knows Orchids are actually our Singapore national flowers....

Was very inspired by James after watching how he did his orchid at craftsy...

I know I have the talent to do it everthou I never attended any of his class... so, I try and did it again...

Cattleya & Cymbidium orchids before dust...

Cattleya Orchid after dust in peach colour

Cymbidium orchids in purple

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More pinky petals

I know I know.... pink pink & pink...

Why not? We are celebrating Mid Autumn Festival this weekend here in Singapore... shouldn't we need to have some lucky colours to go with it.... pink or red? I choose pink... Heheh

Petals waiting to get dust

Something oriental to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival over the weekend... Peonies are always one of my favourite flowers and are often seen during most of the Chinese festivals.

Tada... the product!
Oriental Peonies

Have a good rest and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lovingly purple

Whenever I am asked to do any cake or flowers, and when they say do your choice of colours,,, is has to be either pink or purple... i have absolutely no idea, i am a pink freak!!!

On a rainy day like this, best to spend my day siting down and doing some dusting work...

Dusting in progress

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Buds making day!!!

Do you know how much time a cake decorator has to spend in her kitchen if she has an order of sugar flowers...

Before I tell you, let me know you what I have done over days:

Blossom flower

Different buds

So now, who's going to appreciate what we cake decorator are doing... hmm... I always appreciate those who really spend some time to look into my work and leave lovely note on my page. This would definitely boost my confident level up and spice me to create more beautiful work... :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Date with Jacqueline Bulter in Melbourne

Good Day everybody!!! It's been a looooong awaited date I have with Jacqueline. Never been so excited when traveling! You ask me? No, don't ask, cos all things happened so fast and ended so fast... but count myself lucky that I managed to book for her class in Melbourne , you know how popular she is right? Here's what I have learnt from her for a 2 days class... trust me, if you have not attended her class, do it and you will never regret. She is a nice and detailed lady!

Sweet Pea, Ranuculas, Gardania

What's after class? Never give up any opportunity to take a photo with idol...
(ENVY me please.....) :)
with Jacqueline Bulter

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am flying!!!

In the airport now... yes, I will be missing from my decorating work for a week...

And I am going to shout--->>> I am going to meet Jacqueline Bulter!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Envy envy me please....

Posing in Qantas Business Louge... I am loving my boots!!! oh yes, btw, is winter in Melbourne

See you peeps in a weeks time... I will tell you what I have learnt... :) Bye!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yay! Class over!

Should I be happy or sad that classes are over with Handi? Hmm...I miss the fun we had in the class with a group of funny girls... I am missing them already...

 with Handi, Weenee, Ignes & Bretha at Penang Beach

with Handi at Straits Quay

As my flight is in the afternoon, I managed to took some time out to wonder around Penang. I came across a wall which I specially love...

Nostaglic Wall in Penang Street

Loving the calm sea in Penang

Friday, June 15, 2012

A lesson with Handi Mulyana

Seriously I am getting gaga over the Topsy Turvy Cake I did over the weekend with Handi Mulyana! He has been such a great cake instructor! Not only that, he is a fun guy. We giggled so much during the class, making fun of the sweets, donuts, cake pop, cookies we did to be put on the cake.

After working through 2 days of hard work, here's my masterpiece!

Porsche is another class I did while I am with him. Before the class, I always feels that doing 3D cakes was never a pleasant job. Indeed, there were so much mess doing the curving from a round cake, smash them up a little, patching up a little, and woo-hoo, not to mention the garnaching.... messy messy!!! But alas, after the "world war 2" I called it, here's my master piece.

Not forgetting... photo-taking session!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Response overwhelming!

Never did I realised the very 1st cupcake bouquet I did will received such good comment. And making 3 bouquet in a row for Mother's Day! This time I decided to give the bouquet a more realistic by adding some greens.

What do you think?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nigel & Cheryl's Big Day!

When I was asked to do a dessert table & wedding cake for Nigel & Cheryl... I was like, yes please! I have seen them together since school days and almost like 10 years after school and to the day they are saying "Yes" together...

But actually having to agreed to do their wedding cake and dessert table spread was rather kind of hectic and rush for me... I have booked my trip much earlier before I agree to do it. When I back, I am left with only 4 days to do everything from scratch.... designing, drafting, crafting, baking & decorating... gosh, all these in 4 days???

Doing a checklist - I have like thousand and one things to do...

A 4 tier wedding cake
Cake pops
Sugar dough
Carrot Cake

I am thinking "All these in 4 days???" "To cater for 250 pax".....Me alone??? No way???

But yes, I can do it with less than 48 hours of sleep in total of 4 days.... Less than 48 hours of sleep??? Holly cow!!!!

And tada....

A celebration for Nigel & Chery's wedding at Hyatt Hotel Singapore on 14 Jan 2012!

 4 Tier Blossom Wedding Cake

Nigel & Cheryl cutting cake

Garden Theme Dessert Table

Dessert Spread

My Signature Flower Cupcakes
Macarons & Brownies

Carrot Cake & Sugar Dough

Cake Pops & Cookies

Heheh... I am so proud of myself doing all these in 4 days less than 48 hours in total.... No bad huh...

Okies, I need my sleep now.... Good night peeps!!!

4 tier blossom wedding cake

A big day for Nigel & Cheryl at Hyatt Hotel Singapore