Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nigel & Cheryl's Big Day!

When I was asked to do a dessert table & wedding cake for Nigel & Cheryl... I was like, yes please! I have seen them together since school days and almost like 10 years after school and to the day they are saying "Yes" together...

But actually having to agreed to do their wedding cake and dessert table spread was rather kind of hectic and rush for me... I have booked my trip much earlier before I agree to do it. When I back, I am left with only 4 days to do everything from scratch.... designing, drafting, crafting, baking & decorating... gosh, all these in 4 days???

Doing a checklist - I have like thousand and one things to do...

A 4 tier wedding cake
Cake pops
Sugar dough
Carrot Cake

I am thinking "All these in 4 days???" "To cater for 250 pax".....Me alone??? No way???

But yes, I can do it with less than 48 hours of sleep in total of 4 days.... Less than 48 hours of sleep??? Holly cow!!!!

And tada....

A celebration for Nigel & Chery's wedding at Hyatt Hotel Singapore on 14 Jan 2012!

 4 Tier Blossom Wedding Cake

Nigel & Cheryl cutting cake

Garden Theme Dessert Table

Dessert Spread

My Signature Flower Cupcakes
Macarons & Brownies

Carrot Cake & Sugar Dough

Cake Pops & Cookies

Heheh... I am so proud of myself doing all these in 4 days less than 48 hours in total.... No bad huh...

Okies, I need my sleep now.... Good night peeps!!!

4 tier blossom wedding cake

A big day for Nigel & Cheryl at Hyatt Hotel Singapore