Friday, July 5, 2013

I am obsessed with rrrrruffles.....

I think I am seriously obsessed with ruffles... especially on cakes. Partly I guess I must have been inspired by Maggie Austin. I just obsessed all her work. Detail, precise, sharp and clean cut. Previously I did a wedding cake with the inspiration of one of her cake idea.

Green Cymbidium Ruffles Wedding Cake

Today, I did another engagement cake with a tweak of my own ruffling. This is definitely a much more easy, detail and clean cut way to have it on cakes. I am loving the way how the ruffling turned out on this cake of mine.

Many a times, when we decorate a cake, we tense to go overboard by having non-stop decorations on it. That is why I always remind myself constantly, never do this again. I used to love having lots of different componet on a cake… but sometimes, someday… Less is more, simplicity is beauty…
I seriously love seeing ruffles on cakes, specially on wedding or engagement cakes…

Less is more, simplicity is beauty… :)

Close up of ruffles with silver highlight on the sides

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