Friday, June 15, 2012

A lesson with Handi Mulyana

Seriously I am getting gaga over the Topsy Turvy Cake I did over the weekend with Handi Mulyana! He has been such a great cake instructor! Not only that, he is a fun guy. We giggled so much during the class, making fun of the sweets, donuts, cake pop, cookies we did to be put on the cake.

After working through 2 days of hard work, here's my masterpiece!

Porsche is another class I did while I am with him. Before the class, I always feels that doing 3D cakes was never a pleasant job. Indeed, there were so much mess doing the curving from a round cake, smash them up a little, patching up a little, and woo-hoo, not to mention the garnaching.... messy messy!!! But alas, after the "world war 2" I called it, here's my master piece.

Not forgetting... photo-taking session!

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